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Vision Correction Provider Checklist

The decision to have laser or surgical vision correction is an important one that you should make carefully, not quickly. Choose a practice that focuses on safety, diagnostic technology, post-operative follow-up. Obviously, the experience of the surgeon is extremely important as well. We hope you will choose Memorial Eye Institute as your provider, but if you’re shopping around, use this checklist to compare.

Does the Center participate in national clinical LASIK studies? Yes No
Is the surgeon recognized nationally as an expert in Laser Vision Correction? Yes No
Does the center use wavefront analysis to take measurements of the eye pre-operatively and post-operatively? Yes No
Does the surgeon use an Intralase™ laser to perform Intralasik (ALL LASER LASIK)? Yes No
Does the center utilize a sterile environment for Laser Vision Correction procedures? (many facilities do not) Yes No
Does the center measure the size of the patient’s pupils in order to ensure the appropriate treatment zone is used to avoid post-operative side effects? Yes No
Does the center take the time to explain complex issues such as monovision and presbyopia and how they will affect your vision after age 40? Yes No
Does the surgeon participate in your preoperative and postoperative care? (many surgeons do not) Yes No