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Patient Testimonials

Coach John Strollo of Penn State University has LASIK at Memorial Eye Institute

Coach John Butler of Penn State University has LASIK at Memorial Eye Institute

John Kuhn – Fullback, New Orleans Saints

My name is John Kuhn and I am a professional football player in the National Football League. As a football player good vision is a great priority to be successful. I found through my years of playing that there are many obstacles with wearing contacts and being an athlete. Not only can sweat get in your eyes and affect your vision but contacts frequently move while in the middle of an important play. I finally decided Lasik surgery would be a good investment for me and my career.

I asked my agent to find me the best placed in Pennsylvania that did Lasik surgery. After taking a look at several options I found a place that had a tremendous reputation, state of the art equipment and a new age procedure. I decided on the Memorial Eye Institute in Harrisburg and Dr. Bennett Chotiner.

From the beginning the Institute took exceptional care of me. My consultation was terrific. The staff was very friendly and the visit itself was quick and informative. I found out that my eyes were great candidates for surgery. About a week later was the surgery and it couldn’t have been better. It was exactly like Dr. Chotiner explained it would be. I was in and out in about an hour, I went home and took a nap, and six hours later I had perfect vision. Actually a little better than perfect, I was told it was 20/15 when I went in for my post-op visit.

Looking back I could not ask for a better Lasik experience. The staff and Dr. Chotiner were great. The procedure was quick and painless. And best of all my new vision is spectacular. I would recommend the Memorial Eye Institute to anyone seriously considering Lasik eye surgery. – John Kuhn

Mike Edwards – 3rd Baseman, LA Dodgers

“Good vision is important in everyone’s life. In my profession it was essential while hitting a 95 mph fastball. After my LASIK procedure at Memorial Eye Institute my vision improved to better than 20/20. Following the procedure I immediately enjoyed healthy eyes and superior vision without the everyday hassle of contacts.” – Mike Edwards

Andy Panko – Pro Basketball Player

“I had Lasik eye surgery 11 years ago at the beginning of my professional basketball career. Before Lasik I had to deal with the annoyance of contact lenses. The constant cleaning, putting them in and taking them out and I cannot tell you how many times I´ve lost them while playing basketball–unfortunately there are no time outs for lost contact lenses! For me getting Lasik eye surgery was the obvious choice because with one simple procedure I can now see 20/20 without the added expense and hindrance of contact lenses. Obviously having perfect eyesight is crucial to my continued success in basketball, but I recommend this surgery to anyone who is considering it. My whole family and many of my friends have also had Lasik surgery from Dr. Chotiner and enjoy the benefits of clear vision without limitations. – Andy Panko

Chachi – Z COUNTRY 106.7

In third grade I got my first pair of glasses, and each year, my vision and astigmatism worsened. I grew to accept the fact that I would always have to wear contacts and glasses for the rest of my life. That was until I was approached by a co-worker about LASIK from Memorial Eye Institute.

From the initial consultation, I felt immediately comfortable with the entire staff. They are extremely knowledgeable, professional, and cooperative as they told me I was a great candidate for LASIK (which was surprising to me because my astigmatism was so bad). The equipment they have to test every aspect of your vision is top notch and I walked away excited for the process to proceed. Granted, any surgery runs its risks, but Dr. Chotiner is the best doctor. Period. I was, admittedly, nervous about the procedure, but with each meeting with Dr. C, my mind was put further at ease.
For those worried about the actual surgery itself, I want you to know that I am a complete wimp, and I experienced only slight discomfort. I went home, took a nap, and woke up able to see clear for the first time since 3rd grade. If you’re tired of contacts, glasses, rec specs or bifocals, do yourself a favor and call Memorial Eye Institute. It was the best decision I have ever made to increase the quality of my life.

Chris James – WQXA-FM

I got my lasik 11 years ago from MEI. I am still so glad I had it done! I wanted lasik for so long because I was “coke bottle glasses boy.” After looking around for a place in Central Pa, I decided on MEI because they just seemed to be the place that was ahead of the curve when it came to the procedure. I can still swim in the pool and not worry about running into the wall! I can wear real sunglasses and not worry about clip ons…and I can come in from the cold in the winter and not have steamed up glasses. The follow up care has been phenomenal as well!!!!

Denny Logan – WINK 104

I had begun experiencing difficulty seeing the television clearly and street signs had become less clear. So, I knew it was time to explore the possibility of LASIK. I knew the only option for me was Dr. Chotiner at the Memorial Eye Institute. MEI’s reputation as a leader in the LASIK procedure has been cultivated through countless success stories and by staying on top of technological advances in the procedure. MEI came highly recommended from several friends and co-workers who had LASIK performed at Memorial Eye and I had no reservations about making the call to learn more for myself. From my initial consultation to the procedure itself, I couldn’t have imagined a more thorough and professional experience. The results were instantaneous and life changing. My experience with the MEI has been nothing but positive and whole-heartedly recommend making just one phone call for you LASIK questions and eye care needs. That call is to the Memorial Eye Institute.

Jen Shade – 105.7 THE X

I had Lasik surgery several years ago because my vision was so poor that I felt it was a threat to my safety (What if I lost my glasses in an emergency?) and contact lenses caused me problems, as I suffer from severe allergies. After my treatment at Memorial Eye Institute, I can see clearly without glasses… even years later! It changed my life. I can’t say enough good things about my experience with Dr. Chotiner and his staff. I admit, I was a little concerned about the procedure, but after doing extensive research the doctor’s resume and experience gave me the confidence to have it done. He and his staff made it easy. They take great care and have pride in what they do.

Matt – WINK 104

In high school I started having problems seeing the chalk board clearly and I knew I had to get glasses. Then I converted to contact lenses. Although my prescription wasn’t too bad, it was annoying to have to squint to see TV clearly or road signs when I wasn’t wearing my corrective lenses. I also have bad allergies in the spring and fall, so contacts were a problem with the runny, itchy eyes.

I had LASIK when I was 21 in 1997 by Dr. Chotiner at Memorial Eye institute. I had co-workers that experienced some great results from Dr. Chotiner and raved about his experience and their trust and results with their LASIK outcome. I knew I was in good hands and my results were great, even with my astigmatism.

It’s amazing to see the difference between LASIK now and what it was like back in 1997. It is amazing how far the technology has advanced. And if Dr. Chotiner’s experience wasn’t enough, the technology that he invests in for his patients is another reason to choose Memorial Eye Institute. He is always investing in the newest, proven technology for LASIK Eye Surgery.
I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.

Sue Campbell – WINK 104

I chose the Memorial Eye Institute for my Lasik surgery back in early 2000, because even back then Dr. Bennett Chotiner was a leader in Lasik surgery. I couldn’t do anything without my glasses, and would fall asleep watching TV wearing them. And wearing regular sunglasses again… many pairs…is great.

Rob Wilber – Radio Production Veteran

I was blessed with the kind of genetic material that gave me thinning hair by age 18, and failing eyes by age 8. I was ready to ditch the eyeglasses after 25 years of daily wear. I heard about Memorial Eye Institute’s all-laser LASIK procedure on the radio, and just knew. Why MEI? They were the only group doing bladeless LASIK, and I’ll place my faith in laser technology more than metal blades.

I asked a zillion questions, did my research, and when it was all done, there was nobody on earth I’d rather entrust my stunning baby-blue eyes to than Dr. Bennett Chotiner. The guy is a pioneer, a genius, a monster in his field, and he’s working on me? Gotta love it.

People still look at me like I’m insane when I tell them that, one night in November of 2007, at 6:00pm, I was legally blind without glasses, and by 6:30pm, I had 20-10 vision with no corrective lenses. Having LASIK was the best favor I ever did for myself. I looked and felt better instantly. My confidence went up. I could wear regular sunglasses. You hear commercials describing this or that as “life-changing.” I know how that feels now.

My fellow testimonialists are 100% accurate about the expertise, patience, and persona of the Memorial Eye staff. Everyone was super-cool to me, and I’m still thankful for the gift they gave me.

Bottom line: I still see every bit as well as I did the night the procedure was done. Sometimes I’m driving on the highway, I can read a sign from a distance, and I remember a time when the world was a blur. No more. Thanks again, Dr. C. There’s nothing like seeing the world the way it’s meant to be seen.